Spine to Cloud Migration Update


Our period of external connectivity and regression testing has now concluded, thank you to those organisations who supported us by completing testing.

Our team continue to work on the Spine to cloud migration and preparations are underway for the live site cutovers. Our schedule of work has been updated and we are now working to the following dates:

  • Thursday 5th October - Migrate Site A to Cloud

    • Work to be carried out during the evening.
  • Thursday 12th October - Migrate Site B to Cloud

    • Work to be carried out during the evening.
    • Any issues or delays with the migration of Live A could impact this date.

As a reminder, you do not need to do anything further in preparation for the cloud move. All the IPs will remain the same.

How can you support us during the live cutover?

There are a number of ways you can support us during the site switches.

  • Resource - If you have the capacity to do so, consider dedicated resource for the evening of the site switch or morning of the next day. The resource could be monitoring any changes to services and be on hand to investigate any anomalies.

  • Be vigilant - If you have identified an issue and validated that it is an external issue, report it to the Service Desk. You can do this via the customer portal or by emailing support.digitalservices@nhs.net

  • Be clear - If you do have an issue to report, provide as much detail as possible to support the team investigating the root cause. Your ticket should include information on the following as minimum:

    1. application - confirm which service you are experiencing an issue with
    2. environment – confirm the environment you are experiencing the issue with
    3. problem - include any error logs that may help us diagnose the issue
    4. steps to reproduce
    5. browser and version, if reporting a problem with a user interface (like Edge, Chrome)
    6. timing - when the issue began/was first recorded in your logs

Thank you for your continued support with this important piece of work.

The Spine Futures Team

NHS England