Building healthcare software guides

We’ve built a new suite of guides called “building healthcare software” guides. They are non-technical and aimed at people building healthcare software who need help understanding the key concepts and which of our national services and APIs to use.

There are guides for specific functional areas (such as patient demographics) and guides for specific care settings (such as general practice).

You can access the guides at

We need your help to make sure the guides are fit for purpose.

If you can spare us 30 minutes to an hour for a “user testing” call, please fill out the registration form at

No preparation needed - to qualify you just need to be someone who is involved in building healthcare software for the NHS in England. You might be a coder, an architect, a product owner, a delivery lead, a tester, and entrepreneur or something else. You might work for a commercial software provider or for an NHS end user organisation.

If you want to leave feedback but don’t have time for a call, leave a comment below.