API Onboarding: Call for participants for user research!

Call for participants for user research!

What’s the research?
This research aims to understand and improve entry to the NHS England’s Digital Onboarding Service (DOS) by identifying and removing barriers for people wanting to learn more about or gain access to NHS APIs.


  • We want to recruit 6-8 participants who have recently been involved in choosing and gaining access to an API as part of a recent integration.

  • Primarily, we’d like to focus on people who have integrated with PDS within the last year.

We are also open to hearing from people who have integrated or explored integration with other services, in particular NHS log in or CIS2.
We’re also open to interviewing two participants at once if they were both involved in the decision-making process to find, chose and gain access to an API as part of a recent integration, there will be a question in the screener (see below) about this.


  • Remote, 1-hour sessions over Microsoft Teams.

  • We will ask participants to share their screen as they discuss how they found, considered and gained access to an API.

  • Participants will need access to their developer account.

We aim to run research sessions w/c 20th May 2024.

What next?
If you think you or someone you know might like to take part in this research:

  • Please read the attached full information sheet for details of the study, risks and data protection.
  • Then if you’re happy, please fill in the screener survey. It should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

We will be in contact with suitable participants to book in a session.
Any questions, please contact myself, or kate.thompson37@nhs.net
Thank you!