Syndicated Content API - does any one know how long the migration period is?

On 9th March I received an email from NHS services about:

the planned migration of a merged content API to the NHS Digital API Management Platform

It continues on and says:

The new merged Content API should be ready for you to start using from this May. The current APIs will be kept running while users migrate to the new API. We will give you time to move over to the new API before we switch these off.

Question: Does anyone know how long the old API will accessible after May, i.e. how long we have got to change out integration?

You will have 3 months to migrate to the new platform. Our aim is to give everyone enough time and support to migrate so the old API will be accessible until September.

Is it possible for the migration period to be extended until the end of the year?

Our product release cycle from start of implementation to releasing the RTM for live systems is 20 weeks. The last several weeks is a cross over between versions where we have a customer BETA test period and do fixes whilst starting development on the next version.

We are close to the BETA on a version and will start the next version on 24th April, and the new version is already full of scheduled work that will release for live systems on 5th September.

No further details have been provided, such as the new URLs and the NHS developer site is still in quite a flux, we can’t even do any preparation for this prior to May, hence the extension request.

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I couldn’t find the new merged Content API in the API Catalogue. Is it named differently or just not available yet?
All are still listed here as separate APIs NHS APIs - NHS website developer portal

It’s not available yet. And I received an email from NHS digital today stating:

We are emailing you to update you on the migration of the new merged Content API to the NHS Digital API Management portal.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will need to delay the migration of this API. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this will cause you.

We are working to establish how long the migration will need to be paused, and we will update you as soon as we can.

The migrations of the Service Search and Ratings & Reviews APIs are not affected, and we will continue with these as planned.

Many thanks for your patience,

Best wishes,

The Syndication team,

Thus at present there is no timeline for its introduction.

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