Is there an API we could use to register a patient?

Is there an API we could use to register a patient?

I’ve searched here Get help using the service - NHS Digital and can only find an API.

Our clinical lead doesn’t want to use the practice App/web page ( as patients registering with us have already supplied this information (and we are currently working on linking this into PDS).
Using this app would be a poor user experience and we use ‘Virtually Healthcare’ as our online name.
p.s. this is the interaction from GP/Online Consultation provider to NHS Digital, not the other way around.

Many thanks
Technical Architect @ Virtually Healthcare

After some investigation I can see GMS1 form submission uses an API in json format.

Are we allowed to access that?
Alternatively could we work with you on structured electronic formats for the email option.

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Hi Kev, thanks for posting. I have reached out to the team responsible for this API - I’ll get back to you ASAP with a response

Many thanks.

We found several others practices/online providers trying to do the same. Most appear to be using PDF forms + email but I think they are similar use cases.

Hi Kev, there isn’t an API available at present that will enable you to do this. The digital GP registration team will discuss the possibility of providing a JSON file so you can explore various options. It would also be useful for the team to know where patients have already provided the info, so we can assess your need for alternatives. The digital GP registration team can be reached directly on:

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