General General practice update - Register with a new practice

We provide bolt on services to GP Practices and I believe NHS England classes us as an online consultation provider.

Are we allowed to make us of Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital to change the General Practice.

The documentation says:

* the general practice should only be updated by primary care systems, [NHAIS]( or by the National Back Office.

Although we are an online consultation provider we are also acting as a primary care system in this interaction and it would be primary care staff performing this request.

We can probably handle other parts of GP Registration process/workflow ourselves (such as changing contact and address details) but have not found a way around this part (other than a practice admin doing this part on a GP system).


the process or updating the practice is via GP links messages so you don’t update the practice via the the PDS FHIR API. The details of the changing a practice API are here National Health Application and Infrastructure Services - NHAIS GP Links - NHS Digital.

it would be better to move this changing in registration to a more modern API, however this api is dependent on a very old system called NHAIS which is in the process of being decommissioned so we need to complete that first before updating the API.

we also have a digital registration system so if you are looking at registrations you could integrate with that. I dont know btw whether your services cover the full primary care needs for a citizen, there probably is a policy aspect to that you’d need to check. I’m sure we’ do that as part of the onboarding process to GP links though.


Thanks for the reply.

Those links are very useful. I think we’re trying to to this

I think we are seeing a slightly different workflow:

  1. ‘Send Details’ - we would allow the patient to update demographics on PDS (and rely on EMIS and TPP syncing with PDS).
  2. 'Register New Patient ’ - (Patient) Asking either a GP System or PDS to ‘register a new patient’ (if PDS, then PDS asks EMIS/TPP to register a new patient).

I think automating ‘Send Details’ is the main thing we want to automate at present and I think we can do that.
This only leaves ‘Register New Patient’ - we might be able to use the ‘direct integration coming in future’ (if it allows us to ignore updating demographics).


HI for your point 1- if the patient is your user. Could you not use the PDS patient access mode as this would allow an NHS login (P9) patient to directly update PDS? - today contact details are allow listed but we are looking at what other fields may be needed to update.

re Register a New Patient, it might be best to have a call to discuss, as mentioned previously there is a national GP registration system which has been developed with 40% practices using the service. so it would be good to understand your use case to see how it fits. I will you contact direct