Current status of requests for new onboarding requests

Good morning - I wonder if anyone knows about what is happening at the moment to new API onboarding requests?

I am partway through an online PDS onboarding process which is fine.

But I also need a SCAL written application for the prescription tracker api. Apparently the first step in this process is to write to NHS digital onboarding team with my intent so they can provide the initial requirements.

I have done this three times, and never had a reply.

Now there is a message on some parts of the NHS digital website saying they are not taking any further onboarding applications until ? the winter ?.

Would someone be able to clarify for me what is happening and why, and when ‘normal service’ might be resumed?

And secondly how exactly I get into the loop to start a SCAL prescription tracker application?

The communication via the NHS digital on line boarding team has been excellent, always responding quickly and helpfully.

Any advice from NHS digital would be very very much appreciated - we are trying to innovate and have an excellent product that would make a huge difference to community pharmacies… if we can get an API working!

Dr David Powell

Hello docdave911

You are correct, as advised by Electronic Prescription Service Tracker - REST API - NHS Digital EPS is currently not accepting any new suppliers or new products into the onboarding process.

This year the EPS team have had to limit the number of Suppliers onboarding, largely due unfortunately to challenges with resourcing. This is not expected to change for the forthcoming 6 months I’m afraid.

Thank you so much for replying. It certainly explains why my numerous emails to the digital team have gone unreplied.

Perhaps you could assist me with a query about the API catalogue. I am attempting to use the GUID on a prescription to get basic patient identifiers (name and address) for a communication and delivery service. The route I have established through the specifications is to query the tracker to obtain an NHS number, and then use that to query the PDS.

I am halfway through the onboarding process for the PDS.

Do you know of any alternative route I could take which wouldnt require the EPS /tracker API ? I have asked this question several times without an answer and would be really grateful if you could tell me if my approach is the only viable one or whether there is another option I am overlooking.

Very many thanks again for coming back to me.

Hello docdave911,

I have raised this with our internal consumer support team for some direction.

Hello docdave911,

The EPS team have reached out as asked if you could please raise this with the EPS Team directly via

While I acknowledge the resource limitations, as a healthcare systems supplier serving the NHS, I find this situation deeply concerning. You’ve suggested that the situation is unlikely to change for the next six months, essentially extending until April 2024. Given that EPS integration is now mandatory for numerous new EPR tenders entering the market, the absence of a channel for suppliers to initiate the onboarding process puts us, along with other suppliers, at a significant competitive disadvantage. In my view, this is unacceptable.

I kindly request information on the available escalation channels, as we urgently need a solution to operate effectively in a competitive environment.

Hello lee.meredith,

Thank you for acknowledging the constraints placed upon the team.

Prioirtisation of partners onboarding onto EPS was not performed by the team itself, as such we are not qualified to comment on this aspect.

The API catalogue entry for EPS ( Electronic Prescription Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital) page for onboarding now reads:

“We are reviewing our EPS onboarding processes and currently not accepting any new suppliers or new products into the onboarding process. We anticipate that this review will conclude during winter 2023 and this web page will be updated with further information.”

I would recommend revisiting the page to ensure you remain up to date with the latest onboarding information. You can also connect with the EPS team above to keep close alignment.

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Thanks Alan for the quick response and we’ll connect directly with the EPS team on this matter. Appreciate the update.

Just as a followup @alan.rawlings2 , is there a list of IT systems which have already completed the assurance / accreditation process for EPS, we are looking at what is available now to help clinicians with prescribing in community services. Thanks