Future of EPS Tracker API

Hi group - we are developing a product that assists community pharmacies by tracking bags ready for collection. Our process is to use the GUID on a prescription to query the EPS Tracker API, and with the returned NHS number do a PDS query to identify the patient.

At hte moment EPS applications are on hold, and we await their review.

I have heard from another source that NHS Digital are not going to be supporting or putting the EPS tracker API forward for onboarding to suppliers in the future - that is is not part of NHSE’s roadmap at all. The suggestion was that a prescription tracker API doesnt actually exist at all!

This is slightly at odds with the website, and the fact that the prescription tracker service is widely used in pharmacies and elsewhere.

Could anyone guide me as to the future of the prescription tracker API - is it a firm part of NHS digital’s offering for onboarding, or is it not going to be supported/ developed in the future?

Clarification would be greatly helpful to our direction, and perhaps to others.

Or perhaps I have just been misinformed?


Hello docdave911,

The API catalogue Electronic Prescription Service Tracker - REST API - NHS Digital states this API is in production, beta.

  • Beta - the API is available in production - it might still be subject to breaking changes - and its service level can be anything from bronze to platinum

For more details, see Introduction to Spine EPS Tracker.