What is the roll-out plan for the EPS Tracker - Healthcare Provider

Hello Team,
I’m working with Healthcare provider to onboard them to the EPS Tracker API. How do we go about getting them a production certificate for https://mm-sync.national.ncrs.nhs.uk/mm/prescriptions and the correct ASID number if required?

Hi Can you please give the healthcare provider the epsonboarding@nhs.net email address as they need to be approved to onboard and follow the onboarding process that is ran by the EPS Live Service Team. Thanks Leanne

Indeed, this is the guidance we give at Electronic Prescription Service Tracker - REST API - NHS Digital .

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Hello Mr. Odunsi,

I have a question about this.
The onboarding process is different from being an accredited supplier?


Is it possible to onboard to the FHIR R4 version of this?

We are a PCN/Online Consulting provider using FHIR R4 system and so would prefer this to the older API (and we may look at sending prescriptions via EPS later)

Yes, the EPS - FHIR onboarding process is different from being an accredited supplier

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The Electronic Prescription Service - FHIR API onboarding process allows the integration with the national service used to send electronic prescriptions from GP surgeries to pharmacies (electronic prescription messages between prescribers and community dispensers.)

Thanks for the answer. :wink: