EPS FHIR API & Signing Service API


I’m trying to get some basic info regarding the EPS FHIR API and Signing Service API

On the EPS API for #prescription-order, it says that it must include a digital signature that can be generated using the Signing service API. However, the signing service API says it’s currently in alpha and not in production.

Does that mean that the EPS API can’t be used in production as well? Since it seems to suggest that it has a dependency on the signing API.


Hi Tony, thanks for getting in touch.

Just to let you know that I have logged your query internally and I will come back to you with some supporting information shortly.


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Hi Tony,

We do have a supplier live with the EPS FHIR API. We are aiming to move suppliers onto the new signing API as part of this, we dont have a supplier live with signing api yet hence the alpha (though this is in progress). I think a conversation with the team on what you are looking to do and discussion of the options would be helpful.

Elliot can you come back with who Tony should speak to?

Hi Tony,

The EPS Onboarding team will be able to discuss further - please contact them via epsonboarding@nhs.net and mark FAO of Leanne Garland and Jen Redman.