'clinicalInfoLastUpdated' missing in A008

When we pull the “Referrals for Review” worklist, we are using the eReferralPathwayStart and clinicalInfoLastUpdated field to identify any referrals that have been updated over a certain period. In a recent call that we made, we discovered that even though a referral had been updated, the endpoint did not provide an clinicalInfoLastUpdated field. As a result, we missed an update to a UBRN. Is there a reason why this may have occurred?The steps the referral went through were as follows:

  1. Created and Letter Attached
  2. Rejected By Clinician
  3. Request Modified, Triage Requested and Additional Requirement Attached

There’s is no update time for any of these actions.

In step 3, you haven’t modified the referral letter.

Hi @zubeir.tai, thanks for your reply. In such an instance, where the referral has been updated but the referral letter has not been modified, how would we detect that from within the worklist?

Hi @zubeir.tai , any updates on this?

It is not possible to detect this from the worklist. @zubeir.tai please correct me if I’m mistaken.

What kind of change are you wanting to detect?

Hi @adam.oldfield,

For example, if the state of a referral has changed, but the referral letter has not, how would we detect this change?

Would it be possible to retrieve the version id for each work item in the worklist. This would allow us to simply compare version numbers and identify if the work item has been updated?

Hi @ankur.mahto,

The main purpose of the “Referrals for Review” worklist is to list referrals that have arrived at a service you work for that need review. Essentially a task list that can be used by the provider to process items on the worklist by accepting or rejecting them. The use case you describe falls slightly outside of this.

It would be useful to discuss this use case in more detail so we can understand how best to support it.

@nhserspartners Can we arrange a meeting with Ankur to discuss?