Availability of APIs for NHSBA services

We have an application to support community pharmacies, and improve data collection for both statutory and voluntary surveys of patients.

The system involves assisting staff and patients in collecting data both on site and via email.

This is an enquiry to determine if there are any APIs available to transfer survey data to NHSBA - I havent been able to find out any reference to such on their website, and would be grateful for any advice.

Hi @docdave911

Thanks for your query.

You can contact the NHSBSA support team directly using their email address DataServicesSupport@nhsbsa.nhs.uk

You can learn more about the NHS England APIs using the API and integration catalogue.

I hope this helps.


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I have looked at NHSBSA for a supplier.

I don’t think they share the API’s publicly, the API we looked at was around submitting claims around pharmacy and they sent us a PDF document with the details.