New developer to NHS digital apis....a very basic question about this resource

Hi -
we have developed software to assist community pharmacies in communicating and delivering a better service to their clients, particularly with regard to tracking items which are ready for collection.
We are currently using QR codes as patient identifiers, with API calls for geolocation purposes for deliveries and also to update our databases
I am now exploring the option of scanning prescription IDs, retrieving NHSNO numbers via the EPS API and then retrieving patient details via FHIR API and the demographics service.
All this looks very straightforward and well designed and works well in sandbox testing. The steps would be entirely in keeping with our current design and authentication levels are very similar. We are about to embark on the onboarding process, but before I do so there is one question which I cannot find any reference to, and that is the cost of the service.
I have found pricing structures relating to data access service charges, but this does not seem to include individual API calls.
Can anyone point me towards the pricing structure for the API catalogue, or give me any information on it?
Many thanks for your help.

The API platform is centrally funded - it’s free of charge for NHS England and third party API producers.

The services exposed by the platform are free of charge to the consumer organisations, subject to holding an approved use case (e.g. legitimate healthcare reasons) to use them.

You wouldn’t be charged for using the services. We hope that helps.

i am also a software developer and looking for the NHS projects related to e-referral, prescription to work on.
Can you pls let me know if you are interested in working with me?

my entity detail is below.

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Hello docdave911,

The main NHS Careers website can be found here: Health Careers | with specific Information technology information and current openings here: Information and communication technology | Health Careers.

Most NHS organisations post vacancies and apprenticeships on NHS Jobs , you can search for the specific role of interest here.