Where can I find a list of GP Practices in England and Wales?

We had the following question raised via email:
"A couple of years back we were using your GP lookup API on our patient management system but this API was then stopped and we had to design a new GP lookup feature within our PMS.

Do you know how I could obtain a current up-to-date list of the GP practices in the UK so we can do some data cleansing? We seem to have a lot of duplicate GP practices and would like to remove them but currently not sure which practice is the correct one."

You can find the name and address information and identifying codes for GP Practices in:

Hmm, I wonder if the requestor wants to know whether we have APIs for this. One option might be the ODS APIs, another might be the various healthcare services APIs. A good place to start would be our (relatively new) guide to building healthcare software that deals with organisations and healthcare services.