Is there an API to get GP practitioner details and / or to get Pharmacist details

If I wanted to get GP details and Pharmacist details (codes and names) is there an API where I can get this data?
Many thanks

Hi Bill

Thanks for your query.

The Organisation Data Service (ODS) provides access to a reduced dataset of health and social care organisations in England and Wales, such as trusts or GP practices, using our Organisation Data Service (ODS) FHIR API.

The API and integration catalogue lists the APIs and integrations which are currently available, or in development, from NHS England and associated organisations.

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Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital

Assuming you meant at patient level?

My answer when I’m working for a NHS Trust is:

go to ODS CSV downloads - NHS Digital
dowload the CSV files and then import them into a system.

Alternatively most of this data in NHS Englands SDS LDAP database. Standard LDAP queries will work with this but the trick is to get hold of a Spine Certificate for the LDAP connection (You used to get this when you onboarded to Spine SMSP api, don’t know how you do this now)

It might be worth contacting NHS England Standards and Interoperability.

I believe this is an API which hinders interoperability over a number of products.

I’m presuming your use case is similar to ones listed on this standard

and the API you are looking for is listed on this page IHE.ITI.MCSD\2:3.90 Find Matching Care Services [ITI-90] - FHIR v4.0.1

Thanks for the comments :+1:

The basic use case is to create a basic picking list of GPs and a separate one for pharmacists.

Not sure how useful this is but we put it together for a UK Core Hackathon. I think we only loaded GP’s from ODS but followed the IHE spec.

The server (AWS FHIRWorks) behind the scenes supports more queries but we’ve only exposed ones from IHE

Is this what you require Spine Directory Service - LDAP API - NHS Digital

Hi Bill Lush,

It sounds like the ‘Directory of Healthcare Services (Service Search) API’ might be what you are looking for.

This allows you to search by …

  • GP practice name
  • Town
  • Postcode
  • Longitude and latitude
  • ODSCode

… and more.

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