Use of Service Search API - GP lookup

We had the following question raised via email:
I’ve been advised by your colleagues in the Interoperability Team that we should contact you regarding the proposed use of an NHS API. They have told us that we probably need to use the Service Search API (Directory of Healthcare Services (Service Search) API - NHS Digital) and that we need to contact you to ensure that we have a valid use case.

We are currently developing an online application so that citizens/users within our county can apply for social care via an online self-assessment route. As part of this we would like to provide users with a way to easily identify their GP practice. Ideally we would like to replicate the functionality of the NHS GP lookup service here:

If possible, could you let me know if this is a valid use of the API and how we should best progress with this?

Any help much appreciated."

The Service Search API - organisations (version 2) is an API managed by the NHS website service team,.

If you need help using this API, please kindly email the NHS website service desk at