Sending PDF via MESH which workflow

Hi All

I’m working for a company that want to send PDF with Spirometry, ECHO, ECG and patient clinical reports through the MESH.

We are looking at the onboarding process, but do not know which work flow to pick.

Can anyone please advise?


Hi Chris,
For the purposes of MESH API Onboarding, asking for your test mailboxes to be configured for specific workflows is not required as the onboarding compliance tests are only concerned with your product’s ability to send/receive messages, handle chunking, reports, etc, and ensuring that the calls comply with the MESH API specifications.


Thanks @paddy.yung, I was not going to cover the chunking element as the data being sent wont be large. Do I need to cover the chunking element to pass onboarding?

Again thanks

Hi @chris.cooper, if you are definitely not going to send or receive chunked messages, these elements can be removed from the witness tests and noted as a caveat in the MESH API Technical Conformance Certificate for your product.