Onboarding workflow id's

This may sound daft. :slight_smile:

I’m ready to begin onboarding to MESH and at first step requesting mailboxes. This needs me to supply a workflow ID, our project staff is trying to find which one it needs to use but this is taking some time.

Are we ok to use ID’s we will probably use in the future such as DISCH_KET and DISCH_KET_ACK. As far as I can see in the scal, the testing isn’t around any message type, it’s just testing we are accessing the MESH API correctly and so having the correct workflow id shouldn’t really matter.

What are you trying to send Kevin? If you are not trying to send Transfer of Care I would think then DISCH_KET is the way to go which is what I use.

One thing I have noticed is you cannot rely on the DISCH_KET_ACK’s to be sent back by all the GP systems…

Its a report for online consultations which I can’t find in the MESH spreadsheet.

I only mentioned kettering as we may need it, at present just trying to get correct workflow id to onboard to MESH api.

Is it going to GP’s
Is it a PDF?

Hi Kevin,

MESH API Onboarding just involves testing your product against the MESH API specifications described at Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) API - NHS Digital in order to obtain a MESH API Conformance Certificate which will allow you to use your product in the Live PRODUCTION environment. You are correct in saying that for the onboarding, workflow ids shouldn’t really matter.

MESH API Onboarding is performed in the Path to Live INTEGRATION environment and is not meant to test your use case or the data within your message payload.

But having said that, there is an ONLINE_AND_VIDEO_CONSULTATION_TEST workflow set up in the INT environment (if these are what you are referring to) where messages are sent to a responder mailbox which returns errors/warnings reports in the form of ONLINE_AND_VIDEO_CONSULTATION_TEST_ACK messages going back to the sender.