Open test, int and API documentation

I’m working on onboarding our system to use MESH.

We had previously developed this using open test and had two mailbox’s for testing. I’ve noticed some of the API’s don’t match the documentation on the API catalogue.

E.g. Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) API - NHS Digital

HEAD /messageexchange/{mailbox_id}/inbox/{message_id}

This gives me a 403, this might be an error in my code but possibly opentest environment is different.

Also this endpont doesn’t return any data

GET /messageexchange/workflowsearch/{workflow_id}

This might be I’m using wrong values but the related endpoint does respond with an empty payload

GET /messageexchange/endpointlookup/{ods_code}/{workflow_id}

I’m assuming these will work on INT but ideally I’d like to double check this before moving to that environment.

Hi @kevin.mayfield1 the opentest environment is out of date, I would not reccomend developing against there, I would suggest you should start with the MESH Sandbox GitHub - NHSDigital/mesh-sandbox: a sandbox for mesh testing
Also for an up to date reference implementation, see the MESH python client GitHub - NHSDigital/mesh-client: A Python client library for NHS Digital MESH which is maintained by the MESH team. If you’re in AWS … you may also want to consider GitHub - NHSDigital/terraform-aws-mesh-client: Reference implementation of a MESH Client in an AWS environment only using serverless technologies.


Thanks Matt.

We’ve done 90% of the development and will probably just connect our dev environment to INT to match our PDS api.