Kettering XML and PDFs

Hi All

I’m new and would like some help please. I’m currently developing a service to send messages on MESH using the below spec.

The service work well with plain text in the body. But now I need to send PDFs, I have seen that the best way may be using Kettering XML. I have tried just simply sending a example as a body through the MESH API, but it fails (Bad Request). What am I doing wrong?

Once I have got my simple Kettering xml sending, I would like to alter it, so I contains a pdf body. Guessing this is sending a base 64 string of the pdf in the below section?

Any help would be a help, thanks

            <Cuid IdScope="Message">2</Cuid>

Hi Chris, I was wondering what use case you have? Is it discharge? If so there are more modern standards that could be used. If you can let me know, I’ll see if we can find the right person to help