Seeking Assistance on implementing Dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d)

We are TIF Framework partner of NHS and we need to implement Dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) on our system. Consequently, we are seeking for someone assist on the same.

I would appreciate if anyone could suggest is there any API or portal from where we could fetch those data?

Please suggest.

The only API I am aware of is The NHS England Terminology Server - NHS England Digital

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Thanks Kevin for your prompt response. We are reviewing it and will get back to you on the same shortly.

The early bits of this may be useful

The first hour or so is around use of this system

Thanks kevin for sharing the reference video. We discovered this absolutely instrumental for us.

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Hi Manish,

Get in touch with my colleague Bill Lush ( who can help you.


Hello Manish
I advise how to implement dm+d into systems.
As others have advised we have our NHS England Terminology Server FHIR Web API. This contains a number of different terminologies and classifications (e.g. dm+d, SNOMED, OPCS, ICD, …). As it is one server they use similar calls to access the different data sources.
We also have our TRUD web site where the different data files can be downloaded from, dm+d is in XML format.
Feel free to contact me on my email address
Look forward to working with you.
Kind regards

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Hi @bill.lush, We are following the Terminology Server FHIR Web API for dm+d implementation. Thanks for the guidance…

If you have any questions or issues please get in touch, to speed up your development. Either by my email in previous message or the official route is to contact, but will probably still come through to me :slight_smile: