Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) Recruiting Lead Developer Role

Hi all in the NHSD Developer Community. I hope it’s OK to post a genuine job opportunity which has come up in my team working at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) which is an independent charity and is developing open source child health software which is transforming digital paediatrics. (I’m not a recruiter, this is a role we need to fill in our own team)

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In the RCPCH 2040 launch, health technology and innovation have been identified as key important areas to develop to meet the health needs of children and young people in future, and support the doctors that care for them. Over the last 3 years we have developed and built some key infrastructure projects such as the UK digital growth charts, bringing together clinical, statistical and scientific knowledge from across the RCPCH membership to improve growth surveillance for all children and young people in the UK. To develop similarly impactful infrastructural projects as well as maintain current projects to the same high standards, we are expanding our team and require a lead full stack developer to work with the existing (part freelance, part in-house) development team.

The successful candidate will build on our existing web services and RCPCH member clinical digital tools to deliver the resources that children’s doctors and their teams need in order to provide high quality health care, both in the UK and internationally. As well be a strong developer with proven skills, the successful candidate can expect to work with clinicians, learn about children’s health and wellbeing, and make a difference improving children’s health globally.

Our core tools are Python/Django, Javascript/React and Flutter/Dart, however this may change over time as we continue to develop our portfolio of APIs, websites, mobile apps and documentation. We are aware our stacks cover a wide range of technologies and as such, in-post training will be provided for all unfamiliar frameworks and tools. A keen learner with good generic problem-solving skills will fit better than a specialist in any one specific area.
The College is a strong supporter of open-source development and to this end all its clinical software is open source. Candidates with demonstrable open-source experience and contributions will be at an advantage.
Responsibilities ● Work collaboratively with our existing development team to further develop and support our existing web-based, API and mobile capabilities across a range of needs / stakeholders.
● Adopt existing best-practice usage of modern development toolsets and methodologies, including Git, GitHub, Microsoft Azure, API Management, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Docker, Twelve-Factor Apps and security by design.
● Robustly manage user experience via communication, documentation, prioritisation and development of bug fixes and feature improvements.
● Assist the Commercial team in devising, developing, and managing new business opportunities via agreements / contracts to develop digital capabilities in the healthcare and member management spaces.
● Create all capabilities with an internationally focused mindset, to ensure widest possible global uptake of the powerful capabilities we are creating.
● Collaborate and / or lead on improving the integration between our internal and external, bespoke and off-the-shelf, digital products, services and platforms, in pursuit of a truly excellent and empowering member experience and optimal organisational efficiency.
● Work with the digital senior leadership team to recommend and take forward wide ranging digital development plans in support of Paediatricians and Children both in the UK and globally.
● Act as a catalyst for continual improvement across all functions / teams within the College, working to develop and expand the RCPCH tech team in size and capability.
● Be a leader in the team driving the innovative mindset necessary for the child health sector to leverage all potentially valuable technologies and digital approaches to truly transform UK and global child healthcare standards.
● Contribution to developing the RCPCH house style and our Playbook, in terms of development best practices
● A commitment to good documentation, a willingness to maintain and update the existing code base.
Essential skills ● Demonstrable experience in developing for the web using leading languages / frameworks / databases. Back end development, in particular, will be a key focus of the role.
● Practical understanding of front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and the React.js framework. In depth understanding of Object-Oriented programming languages (PHP, Java, etc).
● Familiarity with use of version control and source code management tools (such as Git, GitHub) and understanding of the use of such tools for smooth collaborative remote development.
● Confidence with code editing tools (such as Android Studio, VS Code) etc and the use of such tools (linting, formatting) to improve code quality.
● Understanding of the Agile Software Development Life Cycle and Scrum project methodology.
● Some experience of healthcare technology and an understanding of the differences in safety and reliability requirements between healthcare applications and other types of software.
● Experience consuming and developing REST APIs in any framework.
● Experience using cloud deployment tools of any kind.
● Experience creating and using test cases for debugging code and enhancing performance and reliability in any framework.
● Evidence of open source development, contribution and community activity.
Desirable skills ● Extensive demonstrable experience in some or all of: Python, Django and FastAPI, with evidence of open source contribution to the Python ecosystem and/or significant development experience showing higher problem-solving capability and developer skill.
● Extensive demonstrable experience in multiplatform mobile application development throughout the application lifecycle, App/Play store interactions, versioning and codebase management.
● Some knowledge of Flutter and the Dart programming language
● Experience of Kubernetes or other container orchestration tools.
Educational requirements • Suitable qualification at graduate or relevant professional experience

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Hello Marc,

What kind of open source clinical software and other open source software are utilized or developed?

Hi @greenbox03

Sorry I should have included some detail in the original post!

Our GitHub org is here The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health · GitHub

And there is a live demo of the Digital Growth Charts system here

Hi @marcusbaw

Thanks for a quick reply. will check it out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to interrupt again.
May i need to request access to run a docker container of rcpch-dgc-server ?
I am pretty interested in contributing the project .

You won’t need to request access in order to run the Docker container - as long as not running a competing commercial service you should be fine to use the reference data as-is.

Great you are keen to contribute - we are very happy to work with external contributors, have a look through our Issues on each repo to see what needs doing.

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@marcusbaw thanks a lot.