Do you have NHS Digital Developer Account? - Recruiting for user research

Hello all :wave:,
Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.
I’m a user researcher exploring the Developer Community to get in touch with people. I’m keen to hear your thoughts.

Please join one of the sessions if you are interested in:

Session aim
Check the newly designed NHS Digital’s ‘Developer Account’ page is achieving the aim of helping users to get faster environment access

Who is included in the Session
You are:

  • the one who has used the ‘developer account’
  • the one who hasn’t used the ‘developer account’ but is willing to use it in the future

You can drop me a message or submit your available date & email through this form :point_right: [FORM LINK]

(Please message me if the link doesn’t work. And do send the message to others who might be interested in the session!)


Hyunjin Jo –

thanks. will message you. Mr.Jo.
Looking forward to being in touch.

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