Query about load data to Create prescription in EPS

Hi can anyone help to fix this

We are trying to Create a new prescription (FHIR API) with the help of documentation. Have doubts about load data in PHPcurl.

Below Response comes

“resourceType”: “OperationOutcome”,
“issue”: [
“code”: “informational”,
“severity”: “information”

But I need to know where to get postfields json data and use it in that API.

Dear Arun,

Many thanks for your question. Would you be able to provide more information on the ‘postfields json data’ you require?
According to our API spec: Electronic Prescription Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital, the response you have received is the correct response for a successful prescription creation.
The schema for the data required in a prescription creation message is include in the spec given above.

Many thanks,
NHS Digital

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