Is it possible to get all patients ids?

How to do it?
Mb I need to use another API?

Hi, can you be more specific ?

It’s unlikely to be a good idea to scrape all the NHS numbers to see which have currently valid data, for instance.

Hi! I need to sync with NHS db (get all patients from NHS FHIR and put it to my DB). Can I use BulkData resource to do it? Any ideas?

Hi may we ask why you are doing this? And what details you want - eg is this just all person details from PDS?
No system needs ALL patient details in the NHS (except PDS itself of course). Local systems should only hold relevant data about patients they are treating or have treated and for a specific data retention period as per GDPR and other health policies on data retention.
Access to PDS is based on this premise - which is why there is no specific ‘get all’ patients APIs.
The bulk check APIs are about a trust mechanism to still only update details about a cohort of patients you are currently treating ie the sender posts a set of NHS numbers to sync with. By no means ALL people!