Publishing lists of API users / consumers - tell us what you think

A question we’re asked quite a lot at NHS Digital is: “Who is already using this API?”

This question comes from all sorts of people, including:

  • people building healthcare software - because if there are lots of existing users it gives them confidence to integrate
  • people procuring healthcare software - because it helps them find software that meets their requirements
  • other stakeholders - who are trying to understand how well a particular service or integration is being adopted

To answer the question, we are trialling the idea of publishing lists of who is consuming our APIs. Initially, we have published a page that lists all the organisations and products that are using the Personal Demographics Service FHIR API.

You san see the new page at PDS FHIR API - integrated products - NHS Digital.

If the trial is successful we might publish this information for other APIs.

We’d really like your feedback on this page, and would be really grateful if you could spare 5 minutes to complete our mini survey.