Integrating with tests laboratory related data

My organisation is seeking to integrate with NHS digital APIs for our clients. We offer point of care diagnostic tests. What are the most appropriate APIs to look into ?

Do you want to look at ordering or share results?

Which care settings are you looking at?

For now we are looking at both, but for now might start with just sharing results.

Care settings are mostly those in community health services

One answer could be to share the report using a combination of national record locator as the index for the lab results (note: IHE XDS or IHE XDSonFHIR can be used as alternatives for the search index).

and then share you results (as a health document) following this guide

The traditional way (and quite common) is to use HL7 v2 ORU_R01, most labs will output the report in this format.

Another alternative is to share the results from a central server and you provide an API for community to access. e.g. in this spec IHE.PCC.QEDM\2:3.44 Mobile Query Existing Data [PCC-44] - FHIR v4.0.1
you would provide an API for DiagnosticReport and Observations.

I tend to favour sharing approaches and solutions like the later option (IHE QEDm / FHIR RESTful) but this may be too modern.

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The official answer maybe Pathology Messaging - FHIR - NHS England Digital

I think this is a replacement for Pathology Messaging - EDIFACT - NHS England Digital and so it might be aimed at Order Comms to GP systems.

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