How could I get allergy information?

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We have had an interesting query via email and would love to open it up to discussion.

Someone wants to use an API to get allergy information. They were thinking of using the SCR FHIR API but this API is currently in development and is not available to primary or secondary care domains to date. However, we are working hard to progress and deliver this service into live as-soon-as possible.

Have you done something similar?
What alternatives do they have?

Has anyone made use of National Record Locator - FHIR API - NHS Digital ?
It can be used to locate and access patient information shared by other healthcare organisations, to support the direct care of those patients.

Or perhaps they could make use of GP Connect Access Record: HTML - FHIR API - NHS Digital to view a patientā€™s registered GP practice record.

Generally how to get Allergy

is for the owner of the data to create an API which the client calls to retrieve the data

The recommended API in HL7 FHIR STU3 is

A demonstration of this API is here FHIR Explorer

A HL7 FHIR R4 version will be on this site
At present this only covers patient and the GET /AllergyIntolerence API will be added over the next few weeks. This API is following (the US) IHE QEDM (Query for Existing Data for Mobile (QEDm) - IHE Wiki). So if you follow IHE guidance it is very likely to also to be compliant with any future NHS API standard.

Iā€™m hoping we will have a reference implementation for these APIs available soon, this will be pre loaded with UKCore examples. The definition of the Data model for use with FHIR in the UK can be found here

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I donā€™t have a list of EPR vendors who have stood up this API.

Several US based vendors are exposing this API in the UK, these include


This is probably following US Core or IHE QEDm

Several LHCREs and UK suppliers have also done similar based on the CareConnect API standard.
Ones I know of in the UK are: Yorkshire and Humberside Care Record and probably System C/Graphnet.

I think this is the wrong link. I would use this GP Connect API instead GP Connect Access Record: Structured - FHIR API or Interface Mechanism 1 API standards for accessing GP held EHR records.

None GP EHR access is my earlier reply. The scope of this is other sectors of the NHS (local and regional) and also national (NHS England) APIā€™s.

A colleague from the Summary Care Record team has advised:
From a ā€˜Allergy Informationā€™ view point this data can be accessed and viewed by NCRS ā€˜National Care Record Serviceā€™. The URL below will provide you with all the supporting information required to access NCRS alongside approval care settings criteria which you must comply/meet.

I hoped that has helped to answer your question.

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Thank you for your answers. we will explore the options suggested.

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