I can't convert an A&G request into a referral

As a SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN, I can retrieve the A&G worklist, get summary, return with advice, etc. But I am getting a 403 forbidden when trying to convert to referral with A027.

The authorise to convert flag is true. I have tested it on pro-app as the same smartcard user.

Example of the problem X-Request-ID: 18c46d84-c11c-48c1-ba16-edfc4a205b07-1

Hi @sam.carter,

It looks like you aren’t currently setup with permission for that endpoint in the Integration environment.

@nhserspartners Can ASID 200000001830 be given access to the urn:nhs:names:services:ers:REFERRAL_REQUEST_CREATE_FROM_COMMUNICATION_REQUEST_ACTION_LATER_STU3_V001 interaction.

@sam.carter I think that ASID is right, if not please shout.


Yeah, that’s us, thanks Adam.


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@sam.carter Is this now resolved?

Yes, thank you. I’ve just marked it resolved.