Can referring clinicians create and then continue to contribute to an advice and guidance conversation, using the API?

Using the eRS pro-app, users of type ‘REFERRING_CLINICIAN’ can make an A&G request, and then the conversation can continue back and forth between the SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN and the original clinician.

Is it possible for a referring clinician to make an A&G request via the eRS API?

Or is it only the service provider clinician who can respond to an A&G request made beforehand in pro app?


Hi @sam.carter - Thanks for reaching out.

Currently, A&G functionality via our API is limited to service providers only.

We have a long-term plan to introduce a Referrer A&G suite:

We are also looking at introducing a tactical solution which would allow partners to create an advice request via the API. Happy to talk through this, if this is of interest.


Thanks for your reply @zubeir.tai , It’s definitely something I would be interested in discussing further. Would we be able to arrange a phone call to talk about our business case and any estimates of timelines on your side?