Connecting Party Manager (CPM)

After a period of discovery and following on from the Spine futures supplier event held 15/09, we would like to share some early insights on some of the plans around “integration”.

Listening to feedback, its has become clear that current processes and tools to connect to various NHS England APIs and Services are hard to navigate and add some additional complexity when trying to deliver products to end users.

Connecting Party Manager, our mission:

For Internal and external consumers
Who need to connect to NHSE products and services, in order to provide essential digital services for healthcare workers and patients
Unlike today where creating and managing third party connections takes a disproportionate amount of investment
Our solution will look to consolidate and standardise existing capabilities for end point registration, certificate management and APIGEE integration
We will know we have done this when users who require connections to NHSE products and services can self manage those connections via the Connecting Party Manager

We have started this thread to keep you informed of progress, and to also provide opportunity to provide direct feedback throughout the development lifecycle. Please follow this thread for the latest updates on progress and the different ways you can get involved.

Any additional questions please add to the thread.

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