Are there any published metrics on data quality/coverage for PDS data?

We’re considering whether it would be useful to use Next of Kin (or possibly spouse) data in a service we’re developing elsewhere in the NHS, but the design decision would be impacted by how many users it would benefit.

How do I know what %age of users include next of kin data? Or spouse? (Or potentially other data).

Hi, currently we have internal dashboards showing the data on the related person field, these show completeness and validity currently. The latest completeness data shows that about 30% of all PDS records have data in the related person field. We have not yet done work to publish though the split of the code values held within that field. Could you let me understand more about your use case(s) for this information so we can see how we can best help you.

Thanks @stewartfishman

The context is a bit of a stretch… it’s to do with a child related service, where one parent needs to enter some details about the other parent. Normally looking up the data on PDS would seem a bit overkill (and possibly not recommended) but seeing as we’ll have used PDS to validate the first parent’s NHS number by that point, it seemed like in some cases we might be able to use the Next of Kin field to save the parent entering the name of the other parent.

It’s all a bit tenuous really but it got me thinking about the data coverage of PDS, so I thought I’d ask the question anyway – so thanks for responding.

ben it would be good to chat a bit more about this as it sounds like an interesting service, and although our dashboards don’t show the data today, there are ways of getting it, and it would become a value/priority call. also in other parts of NHS England there is some work underway on proxy access and validating relationships, so there may be some tie-up. happy for you to reach me directly at