Querying patient demographics


Our software is used in secondary care. We were looking at adding a patient and then querying their full demographics from PDS. I was hoping that we could then query the PDS say once a week to retrieve all of the patient’s demographics from the PDS, which could potentially include address change/phone number change. Is that possible?


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Hi could i ask more about your use case. As on the surface, it looks like you could benefit from listening to the National Events Management Service (NEMS) PDS Change event- PDS Record Change | Events-Managment (developer.nhs.uk) . have a look at that page and let me know if that meets your use case.

Hi Stewart. Thanks for your reply. Our software is in use in many hospitals in the UK. Most of those have HL7 demographics interfaces from their PAS. There are a few who don’t. A very small amount of our customers are GP Practices and they don’t have any demographics integration. We were wondering whether for those who don’t/can’t have PAS interfaces and for new customers, should we use PDS instead. I can potentially see issues arising where the dept monitoring the patient update their patient demographics in house (e.g. on our software or PAS) but that doesn’t make it out to the PDS and so the hospital’s data is more up to date than the PDS and we end up overwriting good data with bad. We’d also likely face an issue with there not being a hospital number (which is understandable), as its often used to match test results to a patient in our software. We’ll probably end up keeping things the way there are (taking a HL7 PAS feed), but was really trying to come up with a POC with some of your test data. Authenticate > retrieve demographics for a patient of interest and I’d incorrectly assumed poll for updates periodically. It looks like to use the MESH functionality, we’d have to partner with a hospital to get that connectivity up and running to continue with the proof of concept idea? Thanks.