API development cycle

Why does it take so long to develop APIs and get them used on the Google apigee platform? We have had the platform now for over 2 1/2 years now. It does seem like there is an interminably long dev cycle. Transfer of Care, Reasonable Adjustments, NEWS2 Observations, Ambulance Handover message have been in development for years. When will we see them on the API platform?

Where we have been focusing is making sure new APIs are built on the platform from the start and for the most part we’ve been successful in getting new APIs built on the API platform/apigee from the start. Getting existing APIs migrated to the platform (the apis you mention are largely built) is harder to convince teams, because of a lot of the benefit of being able to build APIs quicker are not going to be a benefit for a migration. There are some benefits for running apis on apigee like rate limiting and logging/alerting however often these aren’t sufficient to make it worth the migration cost.