Advice Conversation

We are implementing functionality similar to the Advice Conversation functionality in ERS (using A025 - Retrieve advice and guidance conversation). When viewing a conversation the ERS implementation displays a nice human readable name to display participants in the conversation, however in tour test environment we see something similar to PractitionerRole/021600556514.R68.SERVICE-PROVIDER-CLINICIAN for each participant. Is this something we can get from the ERS API and how would we go about achieving the same?

Hi @gareth.perkins,

The reference to the PractitionerRole resource (i.e. PractitionerRole/021600556514.R68.SERVICE-PROVIDER-CLINICIAN) will be resolvable in the bundle if you search the bundle for a fullUrl that ends with that string.

The PractitionerRole will break down the practitioner, organization and Business Function. However, e-RS does not return a human readable display value for the practitioner - this is not data owned by the e-RS, it is owned by SDS team.

Currently you would to use the
Spine Directory Service - LDAP API to source this data. However it is worth engaging with the SDS team to understand your options.