How do we retrieve referring clinician from the referral?

When pulling referral information, using A005, how do we get details of the Referring Organisation and User (i.e. GP Practice and GP name, but could also be a dentist, optician etc.)?

We need this information so that patient letters etc. can be sent to the referrer, rather than the patient’s registered GP (which could be different), but have been advised that these pieces of information are not available in the ReferralRequest and are only available in the Clinical Information PDF.

I can’t believe that we are the only Trust to have come across this issue, so interested to hear how others have approached it.

What identifiers do you have about the referrer?

Is it GMP/GMC codes or SDS user id’s.

(not an NHSEngland response to your question)

Hi @phil.walker3 - Thanks for reaching out.

I can’t speak for other Trusts in this regard but as discussed over email the referring org and user is only available via the clinical referral information PDF (A007) at the moment.

We can look to add them to A005 if you have time to raise a user need here:


Might be useful to include this link in the request

This is probably the API you need from SDS/ODS/DoS(s) (it’s not really an eRS specific use case).

The use case for this is quite well described on this page IHE.ITI.MCSD\1:46 Mobile Care Services Discovery (mCSD) - FHIR v4.0.1