How to do Referring Clinician lookup

We are busy working on an eRS integration and one of our test users has the Referring Clinician Admin role. This then means that we need to provide a Referring Clinician entry when performing the patient service search.

My question is where to get the list of potential referring clinicians (for this specific practice) and their associated ID’s from?

Looking at the various API’s it seems like the LDAP API is the one to use for this. I do see there is the FHIR API as well but that seems more service orientated and doesn’t seem to give us the info on individual users at a specific practice.

This question is mostly to make sure we start down the correct path (user API wise) instead of just making the assumption.


Hi @hayward,

It sounds like what you need is a Referring Clinician Admin equivalent of the functionality in A040 - Retrieve e-RS-specific practitioner information?

It would be worth you raising your user need using this form as it it may be possible to extend A040 to support this.

Currently the e-RS APIs do not return Practitioner names as this is not data owned by e-RS. However, other partners have indicated this could be useful as it may mean they don’t need to integrate with SDS directly (if this is the only use case). If this something you would find useful please also include this when filling in the form above.

You are correct that currently you would have to use the
Spine Directory Service - LDAP API to determine the applicable Referring Clinicians.

@zubeir.tai FYI



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