Who do I contact if I have a new idea for the NHS?

NHS England run monthly surgeries for digital innovators to meet with members of their digital innovation team. These surgeries provide NHSE with the opportunity to learn more about you and your product, and for you to ask them for advice on issues, such as scaling within the NHS.

There’s also the new NHS innovation service.

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If what you have is a problem, not a product, come and have a chat to us in the NHSE Innovation Lab over here: NHS Innovation Lab - NHS Transformation Directorate

Hi Alex, thank you for this update. Indeed, this would be useful information for our audience :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I’m a recent Computer Science graduate, I’ve developed a proof-of-concept blockchain based application relating to health record data access control and security/encryption.
Would this be appropriate to apply with the innovation service? I’d very much like to get involved

Hi Stavros,
Yes, you are right - you should contact the NHS Innovation Lab - NHS Transformation Directorate team as they are keen to hear from everyone who is affected by (or looking to engage with) the technology we use in health and care - i.e., from patients to technologists and innovators to carers to clinicians.

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You can also submit a challenge or problem to the Innovation Hub by filling in their webform Get involved - NHS Innovation Lab - NHS Transformation Directorate (england.nhs.uk)

The Innovation Lab is no longer taking on new projects. For information about how the NHS supports healthcare innovators, the NHS Innovation Service provides tailored information and support.