Generic Approach to the Management of Metrics (MoMs)

I have built a product named MoMs and for reasons of efficiency wish to share it with other NHS organisations and like minded NHS colleagues.
MoMs can pretty much handle any metric, including KPIs, that either count or measure and the Unit of Measurement can be anything that can be and needs to be counted eg. weeks (waiting), £ or patients (waiting). Please reach out so that I can share, have a good day and do a good job.

Hello clive.spindley1,

That is great to hear.

Perhaps you would consider the NHS Innovation Service as a possible next step?

The NHS Innovation Service

Helping you to take your healthcare innovation from idea to adoption, supporting you every step of the way.

NHS Innovation Service - Innovation Service

yes, how do we progress this ?

Hello clive.spindley1,

This first step would be to create an account, the link in my previous message will take you directly to the page where you can create an account.