Which API should I enable win my Apps?

I am trying to get the FHIR A004/A008 service to work on integration service. Although I get back a valid token, I keep getting unauthorised on both the endpoint? Have I enable the correct API’s?

Service enables:

  • e-Referral Service - Application Restricted ( Integration Testing )
  • e-Referral Service - Healthcare Worker ( Integration Testing )


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your question!

We will be in contact with you shortly regarding your emails and questions.

On the above specifically, I suspect we will need a call to talk you through the setup required for the APIM/e-RS FHIR API solution, and we will probably need to review your current presence in the Integration environment, and whether you have the relevant config needed to make these requests work. There are one or more parameters which we need to set in the backend of the solution, before requests work. It’s easiest to discuss on a call so we’ll be scheduling one with you shortly.

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(e-RS FHIR API Partners team)


Am I right in assuming there is no plan to allow andpoints such as A008 to be accessed via the Jwt Token authentication Process?

Hi Peter, I believe you need separate apps for each role. You can cannot have one app accessing both APIs as these needs different authentication and permissions. You also need callback URL with your Healthcare worker role application. I am going through the same process and battling with these complexities.

Thanks Mustansar Hussain

We already have a service using the SmartCard authentication - the use of the FHIR service was to remove the need for the Smartcard on automated systems. Does investment in moving only some of our calls from our existing system provide enough value?