A008 no results

We’ve successfully been able to hit the A008 endpoint in the INT environment, but the response has no results:

    "meta": {
        "profile": [
    "resourceType": "List",
    "status": "current",
    "mode": "snapshot",
    "emptyReason": {
        "coding": [
                "code": "nilknown",
                "system": "http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/list-empty-reason",
                "display": "no results"

Would it be possible to have our test users populated with test data for A005, A006, A007, A008?

We are not intending to create referrals as part of our flow, only to access them.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sarah,

Assuming you have already been provisioned with test data, you can follow the guidance here to set up some services and create some test referrals. You can create this data using the e-RS Professional Application - so it doesn’t matter if your API integration doesn’t intend to create referrals.

You can access the Professional UI via the Internet on https://int-ers.nhs.uk/ (I’m not sure if the guidance only includes the HSCN URLs).

@zubeir.tai @nhserspartners FYI.



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Thanks, we’ve been able to to get the test data from the person it was emailed to.

I am trying to follow the guidance to set up a service, but the guidance says “In order to create services in e-RS, a smartcard with the Service Definer (B1107) activity on a relevant role at the assigned trust is required”. The smartcard I’m using has [“B1101”, “B1103”, “B1102”] for the referrer role and [“B1110”, “B1120”, “B1115”] for the service provider clinician.

How can I get the appropriate permissions added to our smartcards to be able to follow these instructions?

@nhserspartners Can you look into this please?

@sarah Is this now resolved?