How do I integrate with the API Platform?

We had the following question raised via email:
Could we please register with you that our app, will be using the e-RS FHIR Healthcare Worker-Restricted API?
We have already started our onboarding process with e-RS, and have received our formal SCAL, but we have been developing using CIS as our authentication method and thus have only been registered with ITOC.
We are trying to move over our interaction with the e-RS API to CIS2 and will therefore need access to it via the API Platform. I believe that we are currently only registered with you for the PDS FHIR API.

Please advise"

I am assuming that you are wanting to get set up to do testing in our test environments.

If I understand correctly, you are wanting to use healthcare worker access, and specifically separate auth, as described at e-Referral Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital.

For integration testing you’ll need to use the e-RS integration test environment, as explained at e-Referral Service - FHIR API - NHS Digital. Getting access to that environment is self service – if you follow the relevant links you should find all the instructions you need online.