Where can I find the documentation for Interface Mechanism 1 (IM1) EMIS PFS - JSON api

We (Virtually Healthcare) have been advised by EMIS there is a IM1 PFS which uses json.

This may be on a NHS Digital sharepoint but I’ve been unable to find it (they assure me it is not a GP Connect API). Could you please tell me where this document is?

Ideally we don’t want to use this if possible as we have integrated practitioner access using EMISOpen XML.
So a second question, is can we use EMISOpen XML instead?

Hi Kev,

With IM1, I believe there are different specs for each GP software provider e.g. EMIS, and they are owned by the GP software provider, not NHS Digital.

In order to get the spec you’ll have to engage with the IM1 team.

For details, see Interface Mechanism 1 API standards - NHS Digital.

This will sound confusing. We are live with the EMIS IM1 API (but under partner onboarding not IM1 onboarding - its admin/process change rather than anything technical).

EMIS gave us the impression their was another PFS api (under IM1 ← suspect it’s this IM1 bit that’s not correct)

Maybe ask the IM1 team using the link above?

Hi @kevin.mayfield1,
Unfortunately the consumer (Virtually Healthcare) are not a Live consumer of the PFS interface nor coming through the assurance process to utilise the interface. Consumers cannot access documentation unless they are looking to integrate.
You (Virtually Healthcare) would need to complete the following pre-requisite form to begin the assurance process: IM1 prerequisites form - NHS Digital.

IM1 team will then be notified, at this stage they will send a SCAL document for you to complete, which will include the intended use case. Once approved (internally), the IM1 team will progress the SCAL with the Provider Suppliers.

Thanks. We are nearly at the end of that process.

Question is specifically around PFS and a contact has informed me PFS is likely to mean GP Connect and in that case our use case isn’t supported by the API.