Want to know authority name of CIS2 Development , Integration and Production Environment

Hello Team,

We want to integrate CIS2 Integration with our portal. we have use NHS Login Code c# and change client id and other details But we don’t know authority name like : https://auth.aos.signin.nhs.uk/(NHS Login Integration Environment). We want to know what’s authority url in CIS2 of both the environment.

Prashant Chourasiya

Hi Prashant,

Thanks for getting in touch, i’m looking into this.


For integration with CIS2 Authentication, please see documentation at NHS Care Identity Service 2 guidance for developers - NHS Digital

In particular, you will need to know the “well-known” configuration endpoints in the “discovery” section

If you are integrating with CIS2 Authentication directly (not using combined auth) then please ensure that you have engaged with the onboarding team NHS Care Identity Service 2 integration toolkit - NHS Digital