Getting Started w/ NHS CIS2 Care Identity Authentication API

We have just begun development of a primary care facing web app and are almost certain we will require healthcare worker level access to API’s.

As such we are looking at integrating with NHS CIS2 Care Identity Authentication

This page suggests that the first phase to integrating with this API is registering our platform with the API including redirect URLs etc. but the page has no details about how to achieve this.

Could we have some guidance on whether this is where we get started and how we go about performing the registration?


someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believce to do CIS 2 authentication you need to contact the teams directly to setup your keys, redirect urls and so on

there is an email somewhere on the page

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Thanks Hameed I’ll give that a try.

Please also see NHS CIS2 Authentication - NHS Digital
NHS CIS2 Authentication path to live process - NHS Digital

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