Updated patient data for PDS FHIR in sandpit


The patient with NHS Number 9000000009 that is returned from the FHIR PDS sandpit instance has no current objects, i.e. the names, addresses, telecoms and the GP are all in the past. Could the data be refreshed please. We are moving to INT but I think it would still be useful for many developers to have the sandpit data improved if possible.


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The sandbox is only intended as an exemplar, thus containing as many fields as possible - so everything has an end date. Admittedly this would be quite unusual in live PDS data.

I will raise an internal ticket to look at updating what’s available. Please be aware the team responsible for this are working at capacity, so this will very much depend on the priority of other work.

Thanks for raising the ticket Chris. I do understand that providing a full set of response data makes it more onerous to keep the objects ‘in date’ and we are moving to INT soon, but I just thought that tweaking the data to be ‘in date’ would make it even more useful. Thanks again.