Unable to perform Update Appointment TS-4 Test scenario

Hello e-RS Team,
We are having difficulty in passing this test scenario for Update Appointment and for option value we are hitting (A004- Retrieve Reference Data) API, in the response we are not getting “PATIENT_INTENDS_TO_GO_PRIVATE”, so that we are unable to perform this scenario. Could you please let us know how we can perform this test scenario.
Attaching below screenshot of test scenario,

Hi @supplier,

It looks like there may be an issue with the test script.

There doesn’t appear to be a code of PATIENT_INTENDS_TO_GO_PRIVATE in the APPOINTMENT-CANCELLATION-REASON reference data. However there is a code of INTEND_PRIVATE.

Please contact the Solutions Assurance Team at ersapi.assurance@nhs.net.

@nhserspartners FYI

Thanks Adam, we’ve now updated the test script, its looks like the wording was taken from the pro-app and not the API

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