Tell us how you use the PDS HL7 API so we can make the changes you need to PDS FHIR API

We are actively working to improve PDS FHIR API. If you use HL7, we want to know how you currently use its features so we can understand what you need us to include in PDS FHIR. Answer our survey to tell us .

We also want to have a conversation with you to understand your wider PDS product needs – please select ‘yes’ to the related question in the survey if you’re interested in speaking with us.

I found this survey confusing.

Attempt one. I clicked no because we are not using it, we are onboarding.

Attempt two. I clicked yes and then realised this was a different HL7 version to the one we are using. We are not using HL7 V3 but HL7 FHIR.

Use of HL7 on it’s own is generally used to refer to HL7 v2 by suppliers and the English NHS. NHS England also has a PDS related spec for that v2 version (English NHS may call that spec, HL7, v2, HL7 ADT or IHE PAM/PDQ).

Staff Engineer
Virtually Healthcare

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the feedback. Apologies, I meant HL7 V3 - the terminology has been amended throughout the survey. If this is a different HL7 version to the one you’re using, then please ignore this survey.

Good to know that you are in the process of being onboarded. The Onboarding team will be in touch with a different survey to capture your thoughts (Developer Integration Survey).