Removed patients

Hoping someone can clarify something for me, will removed (e.g Embarked, moved to Scotland etc) participants appear in PDS searches.

The spec states that removal from registration extension is included on a participant retrieval.

An extension to carry the reason a PDS record has been removed from the Patient Demographic Service. This will only be populated on a retrieval and not a search.


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Related to this.

Where is this extension defined, I’d like to understand the codesystem in more detail as it relates to registration use case/workflow (NHS Number allocation) I’m looking at.

Is this really registration removed? I’m thinking this is really NHS England is not the current ‘insurance provider’ and NHS Scotland, NI, Defence Medical Services, NHS Wales, etc is.

Kevin &Tim apologies for the delay. PDS only has a removal of GP code- PDS does not remove records themselves so will still be in searches if they have moved to scotland etc.

the reason for removal code list is used internally by the GP Registration systems - i do not believe it is accessible by either HL7 V3 or FHIR. if you feel you still need this information, if you could provide me with your use case then i can look into it