Recruiting participants for user research - Are you using a messaging service?

Hello all :wave:,
I’m new to this community and it seems like a good platform to use for user researchers as well!
So I will use this opportunity to publicise MESH (Message Exchange for Social Care and Health) service :wink:

Please join one of the sessions if you are interested in:

Session aim
Understanding the experience of using a newly designed :email: MESH* overview page.
*(The Message Exchange for Social Care and Health)

Who is included in the Session
You are

  • The one who considers adapting a messaging service into your organisation
  • The one who sends or receives data using the NHS messaging service
  • The one who has set up MESH for others

Join the introduction calls for more information. You can drop me a message or submit your available date & email through this form :point_right: [FORM LINK]

(Please message me if the link doesn’t work. And do send the message to others who might be interested in the session!)


Hyunjin Jo –